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I am Siddharth Garg

Developer,AI Engineer,Budding Technical Writer,Computer Science Junior


Challenging puzzles, deep thoughts and innovative ideas fuel my excitement. Love of computers, AI, design all comes from a single source, an urge to implement my creativity and logical reasoning. I'm a curious, wandering mind finding it's way and growing as I go..

Currently Working as a QTE Intern at DE Shaw India, previously interned as Deep learning Engineer at The Symbionic Company working to make functional prostheses, an affordable reality. Worked as a Computer Vision Intern at FindMind Analytics working in processing and securing sensitive documents using AI technologies.

Served as a Marketing Lead at ERIDE NGO, Vellore. Design Head at Mozilla Firefox VIT. Currently pursuing Bachelors of Technology, CSE (with Bioinf.) from VIT, Vellore. Creating Python scripts, Neural Networks and just bodging around with different technologies are my hobbies along with Competitive Coding and attending hackathons.

Always looking forward to new learning and working opportunities. :)







Cloud Computing


2007 - 2015


All India Secondary School Certificate (AISSC)

Delhi Public School, Agra

One of the best schools in Agra. Spent Most of my childhood at this amazing school, full of opportunities

2015 - 2017


All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE)

Delhi Public School RK Puram

Great competitive environment in Delhi. Maths, Science with Comp Science and Multimedia



Btech, Computer Science with Spec. in Bioinformatics

VIT Vellore (Institute of Eminence)

Trying to discover apex of my growth rate here, with great peers and work opportunities



FindMind Analytics

Computer Vision Engineer

I am trusted with the tasks of processing and securing sensitive identity documents like aadhaar and PAN cards using Optical Charachter Recognition, Text detection and other Image Processing techniques.

May 2021 - July 2021

DE Shaw India

QTE Summer Intern

Developed an extendible python application for tracking different internal tools’ performance. Worked with Elastic, Logstash, Influx and Kibana.


The Symbionic Company

Deep Learning Lead

The Symbionic is a startup which aims to make 3D printed prosthetic arms for upper elbow amputees more affordable, user friendly and customizable to wear. Im working on automating the grip patterns formed by the prosthetic in according to the object user tries to hold using object detection.

2018 - 2020


Volunteer, Marketing Lead, Vellore Executive Board

Empowering Rural India with Digital Education (ERIDE) aims on delivering utmost essential digital literacy to underpriviliged sections of our society. Joined as a freshman, ERIDE has been part of my college journey from teaching kids in orphanages, community centres to leading the NGO as a board member, it has been a wonderful experience.

2019 - 2020

Computer Society of India, VIT

Senior Core Comittee Member, Technical

From organizing hackathons, leading workshops and looking around CTFs, with amazingly talented and friendly people I was fortunate enough to work with them on projects exposing students to new concepts while pushing my own capablities.

2019 - 2020

Mozilla Firefox Club, VIT

Creative Head, Board Member

Promoting open source programming, heading the student chapter provides me both mentoring and management experience. MFC has is involved in activities that help students motivated to contribute to open source.


Deep Learning

With IBM professional certification in AI engineering, multiple specializations, and immence experience, it is my core competency. From Tensorflow to PyTorch, Object Detection to NLP, I have experience in all.

Graphic Design

Sometimes you find things by looking for them, sometimes things find you. My relationship with graphic design is certainly the latter. Being Creative Head of MFC, and ex designer at ERIDE, Im confident and skilled in this domain.

Competitive Programming

Securing first position in intra college coding events namely Reverse Coding and Jumble Ladder. Competitive coding hits both my love of reasoning and admiration of tech.

Data Science

Amazing feeling of finding patterns in Data feels no less than putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Using clustering algorithms for customer segmentation or predicting future prices, I can do it all.









  • TB Saathi

    TB Saathi (Tuberculosis Diagnosis using neural networks and reporting tool). Taking input as XRay images and symptoms, probability of TB is analyzed and subsequentmeasures taken in order to help under priviliged patients.

    Project Report

  • Malware Family classification using Convolutional Neural Networks on Byte Sequences

    The representation of binary sequences is translated into grayscale images which is further processed through a Convolutional Neural Network.

    Project Report

  • News reporting analysis using NLP

    Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modelling of primetimeNews-hour Debates from different news channels. Scripts of Different new channels reporting news on a single day is collected and using NLP,different patterns and styles of news reporting by different anchors is parsed.

    Project Report

  • Extracting value of noised video dashboard of an aeroplaneusing video processing

    A video of the dashboard in an aeroplane's cockpit is given which has a lot of noise,Featureshavetobeextractedfromitandthenexportedtoacsvfilewith respect to time

  • Customer Segmentation using RFM technique

    Given a dataset of transaction history of products and customers. The dataset is cleaned and usable features are extracted using EDA. RFM technique is applied in order to find different segmentation of customers on the basis of expenditure patterns, time patterns and total money spent.

    Project Link

  • Minesweeper construction & solving algorithm

    This project contains two modules, the game and the solver. The game implementation presents a command line interface for the user to interact with the puzzle and solve it. The solver serves as a hint for the player solving the puzzle when needed. The solver essentially analyzes the same grid shown to the user and makes an optimum move which reveals a covered tile.

    Project Link

    Project Report


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